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Spray Tan


Need a beautiful tan for a special event, vacation, or just because?

Pre & Post Spray Tan Guidelines

Pre Spray Tan:

Make sure to shower, exfoliate & shave either 5 -24 hours before.

 Do not put any lotion on the day of your spray tan.

Post Spray Tan:

                                  If your tan is developing overnight or bronzer - make sure you are careful not to                                  sit on something that is light that you care about -  It should wash out,  but don't chance it !

 Wear loose dark clothes right after your spray tan.

 Refrain from working out or sweating while your tan is developing.

 After your spray tan has developed - Wash off with warm water - No soap or exfoliants. Pat dry with your towel. Rubbing causing the tan to fade faster.

 Apply lotion after the shower and try to keep your skin moisturized every day.

              You can book online or if it is outside our normal hours or can't find an appointment online                                               Please call us at 205-710-5646