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Hair Extensions



Certified Stylist - Multiple Methods

GLAM Salon offers multiple types of hair extension.    We offer our traditional hand tied method, we then offer the Bellohaven NO-SHOW method.  We also have multiple stylist that are certified in I-Tips, K-Tips, Tape-In's and Volume Wefts.

Bello Haven hair extensions are  100% luxury human that create full volume and eliminate the use of heat chemicals and glue. Bello Haven Extensions offer both hand tied and micro beaded tip applications - the least damaging methods, and our luxury hair is designed for that perfect fit. Making sure you get flawless finish every time.

Three advantages of seamless hair extensions vs. other types of extensions.


Prevents Damage


Elements Discomfort


Easy Styling


Complimentary Consultations for Extensions is required. (15-20min)

Can be booked online or by calling the salon

Pricing varies by client based on method and hair extension type wanted.  Pricing can be verified at consultation.


After Care

Now that you have that beautiful, long, thick hair you have always wanted, there are a few things important things to note.  Follow the guidelines below that will ensure you get the maximum usage from your extensions.

Your new hair will last between 6-12 months; however, the exact time will depend on you and how well you care from them.

Regular maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks are highly recommended. They will keep both your extensions and natural hair looking their best.

You must be prepared to spend a longer period of time styling your hair now that you have hair extensions. More time and effort are necessary.

If the extensions are looked after correctly you will prolong the life of your new hair.

You and your hair are worth the extra time and effort.



Cleaning Maintenance

Wash and Condition your hair extensions with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend R+Co Television or Atlantis Shampoo and Conditioner because they are gentle and effective when it comes to washing your extensions as well as your real hair.  If your natural hair need has damage or fragile then we would recommend the R+Co Bleu De Luxe Reparative Shampoo and Conditioner.

Always let the conditioner sit on the extensions for 2 min before rinsing.

To lock in moisture, and to ensure your hair extensions are truly nourished, towel dry as much as possible and apply a leave in conditioner.  We suggest R+Co Bleu Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil.

To restore softness and shine you will want to use your wet brush. Gently Comb through your wet hair focusing on the mid length and ends.



Brushing & Sleeping

The extensions are attached to your natural hair and therefore pulling them can result in pulling out your natural hair.

The best way to brush is to start at the bottom and then work your way up slowly to the top.

Make sure you are using a professional extension brush to avoid breakage and damage to your own hair.  Bello Haven Hairbrushes are available at GLAM for purchase and have been designed especially for all types of hair extensions.

Braiding your hair before bed is very important as it helps to protect the hair from damage while you sleep.  Use a weightless serum before braiding. We recommend R+Co Bleu Optical Illusion Smoothing Oil.



              You can book online or if it is outside our normal hours or you can't find an appointment online
Please call us at 205-710-5646

Products -

Sew-In Weft Extensions:




Hand Tied Weft
Hotheads Hand Tied Extensions are hand made, 11” wide wefts made from 100@ Remy human hair. This allows the wefts to be seamless, thin, flexible, ultra-lightweight and lay close to the scalp.

• Invisible returns for maximum comfort.

• Body wave texture.

• Pre-layered ends for natural blend.

• 21 Hotheads shades you already know and love- No new color ring needed.

• Can be cut in the center without unraveling.

• 2 pieces per pack, allows for easy ordering and customizations in combining colors.

• 11” wide wefts.


• X500 14”- 12g per piece.

• X501- 18” - 15g per piece.

• X502 22” - 21g per piece.



Machine Weft
Hotheads machine made weft seamlessly holds 2-3 times more density of hair then hand tied wefts. Comes as one 30” wide seam that can be cut into multiple pieces without shedding.

• 100% Remy Human Hair.

• Body Wave Texture.

• Pre-layered ends for natural blend.

• 2-3 times the density per square inch as Hand Tied.

• Less bulky, less weight than competitors.

• 30” wide weft, 1 per pack

• Customizable into multiple smaller wefts.



• X503 18” - 80g per piece.

• X504 22: - 100g Per piece.


Tape In Extension:


*Offered in 4 lengths.

*Wear straight or wavy. Water will activate a slight body wave, which allows them to be worn straight or wavy.

*Each pack contains 20 pieces, which make 10 complete extension attachments.

*Color melts are only available in 14"-16" and 18"-20


              You can book online or if it is outside our normal hours or can't find an appointment online
Please call us at 205-710-5646